Sewing is one of my passions, I love how therapeutic it is and I really enjoy the making of things! I enjoy this time for me…

My Mum made many of my clothes when I was a little girl,which planted the seed for my love of sewing from a very young age. It can be so rewarding in so many different ways…

I was born and brought up in Zimbabwe, Africa. I had a very free and wild childhood. I now live in a beautiful, little town, Farnham in Surrey.

I am Mama to a lovely, little boy, Zephyr. He is a burst of colour and energy, just like his Dad. He is so funny and is one of the most affectionate little ones I know, he loves a cuddle or a hundred…

My husband and I lived in Grenada, one of the Caribbean’s beautiful islands, for six years. During that time we set up and ran an Eco-tourism business - ‘Conservation Kayak’, offering personalised, guided kayak trips that focused on the ecology. So many incredible memories and some not so… But that is life. Those years sculpted the person I am today, I am grateful I had all those experiences.

We moved back to England in 2017, to be closer to family. - After having our little boy we felt the intense pull to be back with our tribe.

I am a work-from-home Mum and I love it. I am grateful that I have been able to be at home with my little boy for the first few years of his life. Juggling work and being Mama has certainly not been a breeze, but I wouldn’t change it for the world . All the Mums out there will know how challenging it is to find time for yourself, but so necessary and important that we do!

Starting Meadow Bunting was never really planned; I made some bunting for the birth of one of my nephews and the idea blossomed from there. I had spent time for me, doing one of my hobbies and found some calm amongst the storm. It was lovely. I felt a little more ‘me’ again. A spark had been lit. I heard my husband, Jamie, say, “You could sell those”. - So, here I am - Amber, the maker of your Meadow Bunting.


I am a big lover of nature and a passionate environmental activist. I endeavour to spread the word of conservation and make positive changes that will help preserve our environment. So, my next mission was, ‘how could I make this little business idea coincide with my core?’.

We live very close to our local meadow, ‘The Bishops Meadow’ and I love it! I find myself there many times during the week, from early morning runs to evening family walks. My son loves it there; he particularly loves taking his balance bike (which he insists on calling a ‘motorbike’). So my way of helping to protect this beautiful and unique place is by donating 10% of all my bunting sales to the ‘Bishops Meadow Trust’.

A few other things Meadow Bunting does to help our environment are: Use organic fabric and thread as much as possible. (I have just found a fabulous, new supplier for my cotton thread - they all come on wooden reals, so I can do away with any plastic). I wrap all my bunting for postage in 100% biodegradable materials and my business cards are made from seed paper (wildflowers), so you can plant them - helping to keep those bees happy!